AFARAI is an architectural agency that specializes in spatial design and strategy.

AFARAI crosses the boundaries of the traditional architecture practice with an interdisciplinary approach integrating research and design with an intersectional focus. AFARAI is firmly based in the current and future lifestyles of the cities of today and actively uses her international network in the development of all projects. 

AFARAI is lead by Amsterdam based architect Afaina de Jong. Afaina has worked for renowned international firms before establishing her own firm in 2005. She has worked on a divers portfolio of projects, published her first book for the People, By the People, and opened Ultra de la Rue Creative Space in Amsterdams’ infamous Red Light District. Afaina teaches a research and design studio at the Faculty of Architecture at the TU Delft and is also affiliated with the Sandberg Institute. She is a member of various advisory bodies and is currently working on her PhD dissertation on the participatory practice of public space.


Email: info@afarai.com

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